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SUP, Kayak, SUP Yoga, Windsurf, and More!
We have one key mission at Canandaigua Sailboard–connect you to nature through exceptional experiences. Whether you’re looking to take a light tour around the Finger Lakes, enjoy a calm and refreshing yoga class, want to get up on a wakefoil, or are simply looking to kayak to Skenoh Island and back.
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Stand up and relax. Grab a board and explore the lake with freedom to roam and waves at your feet.
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Take a seat and grab a paddle or keep your hands free!  Single, tandem kayaks and pedal kayaks available.
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Make your own wave and surf behind it. Demo top of the line boards from Phase 5, Neon Wave, and more.
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Join Neon Wave and us to traverse the beautiful Canandaigua Lake during a 5 day camp aboard a state of the art boat with a professional wakesurf coach!
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Suitable for all levels and led by our certified yoga instructors; find clarity during a yoga class in our studio and on the lake.
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Whether it's your first time or you're a nautical enthusiast, we are happy to offer private and community lessons with one of our on-staff professionals.
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Create your own constellation with a night time session. See the stars while floating on an illuminated kayak or SUP on Canandaigua Lake.
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Customized experiences for your family, corporate event, bridal party, and more! Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboard, wakesurf, SUP Yoga, and Kayak are available.
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Paddlebaord Rentals Canandaigua Lake

StandUp Paddleboard

Get outside, stand up, and relax! With SUP Boards from Fanatic–you’ll recharge in the clean fresh water as you explore and reconnect.

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Hop into a one or two-person kayak from Confluence and Wilderness Systems and get up close and personal to all that Canandaigua Lake has to offer. From beautiful beaches to stunning architecture, you’ll want to spend the whole day on the water.

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Kayak Rentals Finger Lakes
SUP Yoga on Canandaigua Lake with M/Body

SUP Yoga

Take yoga and wellness to a new level - sea level! Powered by our certified yoga instructors; you can reflect, restore, and renew with yoga for all levels atop a standup paddleboard.

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Wakefoil Canandaigua Lake


Turn lame waves to pure flow. With the Fanatic Sky Sup Foil and Duotone Echo Wing - you’ll hover above the water while the foil transforms the hydrodynamics to bring you along for the ride. Never done it before? Not a problem! We’ll get you up and on the water in no time.

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Ever heard people speak of a type of freedom "like the wind is at your sails"? This is exactly what they were (allegedly) talking about. Consider taking a downwinding trip and let the wind take you down to the south end of Canandaigua Lake - see the sights along the way - then call us to pick you up and bring you back to Canandaigua Sailboard.

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Windsurfing On Finger Lakes


Looking to learn with friends or not into learning in groups? Not a problem! We happily offer one-on-one pre-booked lessons and community lessons to all guests so you can become a pro with any of our water-based offerings. Get out there with confidence and wave along the way.

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Learning to kayak on the finger lakes
Illuminated Experience on Canandaigua Lake

Illuminated Experience

See the lake and the sky above it like you've never seen it before. Join us as the sun sets and venture out on group-focused, instructor lead tour aboard a SUP board or kayak outfitted with glowing lights below. The perfect way to end a night on the water.

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Wakesurf Demos

Make your own wave and surf behind it. Demo a top of the line wakesurf from Phase 5, Lib-Tech, Velvet, and more. Whether you're in the market for a new board and want to try before you buy, or you're simply looking to get atop something new–we've got plenty of boards in the fleet waiting for you.

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Emilia Wakesurfing on a Son of Cobra x Neon Wave wakesurf board
Kids Summer Camp

Kids Summer Camp

Join us this summer for a kids camp on Canandaigua Lake! Join the Neon Wave and Canandaigua Sailboard teams to traverse the beautiful Canandaigua Lake during a 5 day camp aboard a top of the line wakesurf boat with a professional wakesurf coach, NYSP licensed captain, and an onboard active lifeguard (certified through the American Red Cross). Learn to wakesurf in a team environment with like-minded kids and industry professionals.


Studio Yoga

Join us down by the lake to stretch and relax! Experience Vinyasa yoga with synchronized breath and movement, or try Hatha yoga’s gentler approach, focusing on relaxation and alignment. For a fun twist, explore our themed pop-up yoga sessions in unique locations. Improve your health, well-being, and connect with others in these engaging classes. Studio classes are offered weekly at 52 Lakeshore Dr.

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Emilia Wakesurfing on a Son of Cobra x Neon Wave wakesurf board
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We're ready to get outside, are you? Book for yourself, your family, your friends – or simply buy a giftcard today!
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Wakesurf Charters

Make your own wave and surf it! Get aboard a top of the line surfboard from Phase 5, Son of Cobra x Neon Wave, Lib Tech, and more and get to know Canandaigua Lake from behind the boat! Looking for more than a surf rental? Talk to us about charters!

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Emma Galusha Wakesurfing on a Son of Cobra x Neon Wave wakesurf board